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Leading products include buried integrated sewage treatment equipment, composite chlorine dioxide generator, dosing device, ozone generator and other water treatment equipment

Success Case

A comprehensive service operator integrating R&D, sales and service of water treatment equipment technology, assuming the heavy responsibility of customer service in the national water treatment industry

Corporate style

The company can also provide users with comprehensive services such as technical consultation, design process, site layout, process transformation, equipment installation and commissioning, etc.


Equipment manufacturing center specializing in urban and industrial sewage treatment, sewage reuse, and sludge treatment, and supporting project operation management

About us

Provide users with one-stop service of program design, project construction, equipment installation, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, personnel training: user first

Suzhou jinghongchuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in knowledge answer and technical consultation, process design, equipment sales and after-sales of integrated sewage treatment equipment. The company mainly deals with a series of wastewater treatment, such as domestic sewage, medical wastewater, machinery manufacturing wastewater, wet garbage treatment, coal mine and chemical wastewater, leather wastewater, electroplating wastewater, etc. Business products are: wet waste treatment equipment, waste water treatment equipment, coal mine wastewater treatment equipment, hospital sewage treatment equipment, farm wastewater treatment equipment, slaughterhouse sewage treatment equipment and so on...more>>

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  • Strong technical strength

    Strong technical strength

  • Pay attention to quality and service

    Pay attention to quality and service

  • Providing environmental protection solutions

    Providing environmental protection solutions

  • On demand customization

    On demand customization

  • Winning with customers

    Winning with customers


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