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Suzhou jinghongchuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in knowledge answer and technical consultation, process design, equipment sales and after-sales of integrated sewage treatment equipment. The company mainly aims at domestic sewage, medical wastewater, machinery manufacturing wastewater, wet garbage treatment, coal mine and chemical wastewater, leather wastewater, electroplating wastewater and a series of wastewater treatment equipment. Business products are: wet waste treatment equipment, domestic sewage treatment equipment, coal mine wastewater treatment equipment, hospital sewage treatment equipment, farm wastewater treatment equipment, slaughterhouse sewage treatment equipment and so on. The company's main business: 1. Domestic sewage treatment equipment; 2. Medical wastewater treatment equipment; 3. Landscape water purification and water circulation treatment equipment; 4. Metal smelting wastewater treatment equipment; 5. Textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment; 6. Chemical wastewater treatment; 7. Site construction of large sewage treatment station; 8. Installation and commissioning of large sewage treatment plant.

Since its establishment, the company adheres to the core concept of "customer first, integrity management", in line with the service belief of "integrity, perfect work, pursuit of excellence", with strong technical strength, good reputation, thoughtful and fast service and all-round technical support before and after sales, with our sincerity and sweat, in order to develop and create the future together!


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