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How to maintain the zero discharge equipment of industrial wastewater efficiently

2020-05-29 08:52:40

Now the living index is constantly improving. In the field of environmental protection, the intelligent industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment has greatly improved the water pollution problem in China. The water treated by industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment can make sewage recycling and reuse, saving limited water resources. If the industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment fails, it may bring immeasurable loss to our life. How to correctly maintain the industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment to extend its service life. The following is a brief introduction to the efficient maintenance of industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment.

The maintenance of wastewater treatment equipment is the objective requirement of equipment movement. The purpose of maintenance of industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment is to timely treat a large number of common problems caused by the change of technical status in the operation process of industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment, so as to improve the technical status of the equipment at any time, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment.

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The damage of industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment often leads to the failure of operation, so it is necessary to carry out regular inspection, maintenance and repair of the equipment of the water treatment system. Generally, more than one working hour should be used for maintenance. For example, even if the grid, gearbox, aeration wing wheel and other durable equipment are not damaged, they need to be shut down and overhauled regularly, all kinds of pumps need to be disassembled and cleaned regularly, and the bearings should be inspected and refuelled regularly.

A special card should be set up for the main integrated sewage treatment to record the origin, price, operation status, repair times, maintenance personnel, etc. All equipment should be equipped with enough spare parts. When wastewater treatment equipment is used in cold areas in winter, it is particularly necessary to pay attention to the anti freezing and thermal insulation work of outdoor pipelines, gates, pumps and other equipment. In addition to improving the process of industrial wastewater zero discharge equipment and strengthening the function of nitrogen and phosphorus removal, the transformation of wastewater treatment equipment, process control and optimization of hydraulic conditions can not be ignored. Industry insiders suggest that efficient and non clogged pumps and frequency conversion equipment can be used to improve the efficiency of zero discharge equipment for industrial wastewater, reduce energy consumption and operating costs, and reduce equipment maintenance rate.

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