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How to deal with abrasion of integrated zero discharge equipment?

2020-05-29 08:52:40

Modern integrated sewage treatment zero discharge equipment is loved by the majority of owners for its various advantages, but the integrated sewage zero discharge equipment will inevitably wear in the process of use, if the wear is serious, it is likely to have an impact on the service life of the equipment, then why the equipment will wear? Next, the wastewater treatment section will analyze it for you The reason of wear and tear of integrated zero discharge sewage equipment is analyzed.

1. Waste water treatment is mostly due to the connection or fixation of the machine is too tight, and the lubrication is not enough. At this time, the equipment is likely to be damaged. Therefore, we need to regularly check and analyze the causes of equipment wear, solve the wear problem in time, eliminate the source of wear, and avoid equipment damage caused by wear and affect the use.


2. The situation is due to the impact of environmental conditions on the surface of the machine, as well as the corrosion of some rainwater and other liquids. The surface of the equipment is rusty or worn due to corrosion. Although this kind of wear is inevitable, we can regularly check the equipment, timely clean up the impurities on the equipment, and strive to reduce the degree of wear.

3. Wear and tear refers to the wear caused by improper use or wrong method by operators during the use of equipment. In addition, unreasonable design of equipment may also cause wear and tear. Therefore, the owner is required to be proficient in the use of equipment and carry out operation debugging when purchasing the equipment to prevent such wear.

The above is the waste water treatment equipment for everyone to introduce the integrated zero discharge equipment wear may occur, reduce wear, can reduce the damage to the equipment, I hope the owners can refer to the above problems, try to protect the equipment, reduce wear!

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