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Advantages and maintenance methods of aquaculture wastewater system?

2020-05-29 08:52:40

With the development of rural areas, wastewater treatment has become an indispensable part of rural life. There are many kinds of wastewater treatment processes. Which process is better for aquaculture wastewater treatment? We should know that there are big differences in economic development, terrain differences and breeding wastewater treatment difficulty in rural areas. Therefore, the selection of wastewater treatment process should be adapted to local conditions and combined with local economic bearing capacity And terrain characteristics to choose the processing technology. The following is an introduction to the advantages of a more suitable aquaculture wastewater treatment system.

Aquaculture wastewater treatment process is advanced and has good treatment effect. It can remove ammonia nitrogen and refractory organics, and has less excess sludge production. It covers a small area and is not limited by the setting occasion. It is easy to operate and manage, easy to realize automatic control, and easy to transform from the traditional process.

Advantages of aquaculture wastewater treatment system:

1. The effluent is stable and up to standard

Hrle technology is applied to wastewater treatment equipment, and the interception rate of pollution is very high. The leachate at the initial stage, middle stage and late stage can reach the discharge standard stably. Especially for the medium-term and late stage aquaculture wastewater, leachate has great advantages.

2. The membrane has long service life and is easy to maintain


(1) Hrle module has a 3 mm wide open flow channel and a unique guide plate with convex points. The material liquid forms turbulent state in the module, which greatly reduces the fouling, pollution and concentration polarization on the membrane surface, reduces the membrane pollution and prolongs the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane. In practical engineering, it is found that the service life of the primary hrle membrane package can be as long as 3 years, and that of the secondary hrle can be more than 5 years, which can not be achieved by the general reverse osmosis treatment system.

(2) Any single component inside the hrle assembly is allowed to be replaced separately.

3. Low investment and operation cost

Hrle process flow of sewage treatment equipment is short, energy consumption is low, and investment and operation costs are low.

4. High degree of automation, simple operation

Hrle membrane system is fully automatic. The whole system is equipped with perfect monitoring and control system. PLC can automatically adjust according to sensor parameters and send alarm signal timely to protect the system. There is no high requirement for the operator's experience.

5. Waste water treatment equipment covers a small area

The hrle membrane system is an integrated installation, and the ancillary structures and facilities are also some small structures, occupying a small area.

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