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Underground integrated sewage treatment equipment

2020-07-14 14:29:29
Underground integrated sewage treatment equipment
Detailed introduction:

Product characteristics of integrated sewage treatment equipment

1. Buried under the ground surface, the surface above the equipment can be used as green or other land, without building houses, heating and thermal insulation.

2. The two-stage biological contact oxidation process adopts push flow biological contact oxidation, and its treatment effect is better than that of complete mixing type or two-stage series connection complete mixing type biological contact oxidation tank. Compared with activated sludge tank, it has small volume, strong adaptability to water quality, good shock load resistance, stable effluent quality and no sludge bulking. The new elastic three-dimensional packing is used in the tank, which has large specific surface area, and the microorganism is easy to form and remove the film. Under the same organic load condition, the removal rate of organic matter is high, and the oxygen solubility in the air can be improved.

3. The biological contact oxidation method is adopted in the biochemical tank, the volume load of the filler is relatively low, the microorganism is in the self oxidation stage, and the sludge production is small. It only takes more than three months (90 days) to discharge the sludge (pumped by a manure truck or dehydrated into mud cake for external transportation).

4. The deodorization method of the integrated sewage treatment equipment is not only the conventional high-altitude exhaust, but also equipped with soil deodorization measures.

5. The whole equipment processing system is equipped with automatic electrical control system and equipment fault alarm system, which is safe and reliable. Generally, no special person is required to manage the equipment, and only timely maintenance and repair is needed.

6. All pipes of the equipment are made of PVC pipe or stainless steel pipe. The connection between pipes is bonded with PVC adhesive or welded by stainless steel. The suspended biological filler is used as biological carrier, which has large biomass, easy to form film, no ball and no blockage

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