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Wet waste treatment process

2020-07-14 13:36:11
Wet waste treatment process
Detailed introduction:

With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people realize the importance of protecting the environment and non renewable energy. At the same time, the urban organic waste also increases with the improvement of people's living standards. Since 1979, the average annual growth rate of urban organic waste in China is 8.98%. There are also a large number of organic waste in rural areas, such as straw produced in agricultural production, excreta of large and medium-sized farms, food processing industry residues, etc. The increasing domestic waste has become a major problem in economic development and environmental governance. Therefore, how to turn waste into treasure and realize the recycling of garbage is an important topic in modern urban and rural management.

In China, landfill, incineration and composting are the main treatment methods. Compared with the three methods, anaerobic fermentation has the following advantages: a) reducing the emission of greenhouse gases; b) the methane and pure hydrogen generated are clean energy, which can reduce the consumption of non renewable energy; c) the reduction of garbage is realized in the process of organic matter conversion into methane; b) the production of methane and pure hydrogen is clean energy; d) Compared with aerobic fermentation, anaerobic fermentation process does not need oxygen, reducing power consumption, thus reducing the cost of use; E) after solid materials are digested, high-quality organic fertilizer and soil amendment can be obtained. Therefore, anaerobic fermentation technology can effectively realize the "harmlessness, reduction and recycling" of organic waste treatment, which is of great significance to the environmental governance of urban and rural areas and the sustainable development of resources.


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